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CRM-service is a fully featured web based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sales Force Automation (SFA) solution to improve your sales productivity, boost up your win rates and grow your revenue. CRM-service also includes a full set of eMarketing, online survey and call center tools to integrate all customer knowledge to CRM. You can just start using CRM-service cloud services and take control of your work experience.

Flexible solution

Make your workflow easier. Highly flexible configuration options allow you to use only the features you need. Enabling features is as simple as clicking a button.

CRM-service looks and works exactly as you want and need it to with just a few clicks.

Easy to start

Software as a Service model allows you to quickly deploy a service without the traditional IT infrastructure costs. All software and infrastructure are hosted in our secure data centers. All you need is a computer or a mobile device with a modern web browser.

Succeed with your CRM-project

Three most important factors that should be noticed:
1) Lead the project from business perspective.
2) Create a definitions of requirements -document.
3) Choose system, which covers the basic features.


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A word from our clients

"We were able to carry out the CRM-service project in a very tight schedule. In just three months from signing the contract we had CRM-service in use for over 500 employees. We consider this project remarkably successful. Now as CRM-service is a key part of our sales and marketing processes, our main focus is to further improve sales and marketing processes and customer satisfaction."