Implementation Partner in the Baltics

'CustomerSupport' helps it's customers in the Baltics and Scandinavia to build new and better maintain existing customer relations now and in the future. CRM-service is the most important tool for Klienditugi, working with companies' and decision makers' databases from different countries; doing e-mail campaigns, telemarketing and much more. "Thanks to a great variety of modules and functions in CRM-service, we can use only one system to have all our business operations running smoothly."

de afdeling commercie

Implementation Partner in the Netherlands and Belgium

De Afdeling Commercie (transl: The Commercial Department) is a consulting company specialized in CRM and CRM-related commercial activities. They specialize in campaign management, sales management, continuous feedback management and DMU management, and with CRM-service, De Afdeling Commercie supplies a full range of commercial support with which a company can accelerate and professionalize their marketing and sales.

Sales Partner in Finland

Talenom is an accounting company established in 1972. For more than 40 years, Talenom has been a partner that has taken care of especially small and medium-sized enterprises. Now with the CRM-service platform, Talenom can provide wider tools for their customers with Talenom CRM. Talenom CRM is sold as ready-made packages to fulfill the customers' needs.

Software Partner

Liana Technologies is a European company specialized in digital marketing and communication software. LianaCEM is a user-friendly platform for agile marketing automation. It's a part of Liana solutions that serve more than 3500 companies around the globe.

EInvoicing Partner

"We simplify and speed up paying and getting paid using end-to-end source-to-pay solutions and services, remove the need for paper invoicing with e-invoicing and help streamline the procurement process."
Basware has operations across over 50 countries on six continents. Basware’s markets include Nordic countries, Europe, Russia, North America and Asia-Pacific.