Systematic Value for Members

We offer an all-inclusive solution that is designed to tackle especially the needs of

  • associations,
  • AMCs
  • and other membership organisations.

When you have all the information and functions in one system, there is no need for jumping between different apps or software.


Membership Management

Comprehensive management for member life cycle and member acquisition processes.

Invitation Event Management

Manage enrollments for all kinds of events from billable training to free networking events.

Member Invoicing

Invoices can be created and sent automatically with correct pricing.


With the combination of a visual text editor and a HTML editor, creating and sending newsletters is fast and easy.

Subscription Management

Member magazines, books, newsletters and so on.

Member Portal for Enhanced Communication

Make it easy for the members to access services anytime and anywhere.

Contact Center for Advisory Services

Click-to-call functions, call recording and all the needed information about the caller, with a real-time connection with the CRM.


Gather valuable information with e.g. email surveys or online feedback forms on your website and save, analyse and report the data in the CRM.

Connect with Other Services

With third-party connectors and open integration possibilities, you can use your CRM data together with other software important to you, like accounting.