Contact Center

The CRM-service Contact Center is a fully featured portal for contacting customers by phone, which is easy to introduce and apply for daily use. The focus of the portal is to meet the daily needs of the agents in their tasks and enable them to keep track of their progress in co-operation with other agents. Like the CRM, the Contact Center is a fully cloud-based service.

All the functions and information about the contact on a single page

The entire contacting process happens on the contact’s page. The contact information as well as all the functions concerning the contact can be accessed on the same page.

After each call, the agent categorizes the result of the call. In addition to the calls, all the actions performed for the contact (e.g. status changes, notes, callbacks and e-mails) are recorded on the contact's communication history. This way both the agent and the management can keep track on the situation of the contact.

The Home Page of the Agent

On the Home page the agent can make a quick glance on their calls as well as the overall progress of different campaigns. In addition, there is a section where the agent sees the callbacks assigned to them for the ongoing day.

Recording the Calls

Contact Center provides a function for recording the calls. When the calls made through the portal are saved, they can be accessed again later if necessary.

Comprehensive Reporting views

The management can follow the outcomes and progress of the campaigns on a view specifically made for admin users. The view can be further focused on e.g. the call results of a certain agent or to a certain time period.

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Warehouse Portal

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Allow customers to update and add personal information, sign up for training events or make purchases via the Self-Service Portal, and gather the information to CRM in real time.